Joy, frustration, loneliness, content

From the first and last entry of 2014 to now, life was a bit of a roller coaster.  Filled with joy, frustration, loneliness, and content.


  • Visit: Mom and Dad celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary with us here in OZ.
  • Driving: A new car I can actually drive.  Laughing when I occasionally flick on the wipers instead of the blinkers. Act normal when I ‘meant to put my purse’ in the passenger side.
  • Contribution: Re-entering the workforce to do meaningful things.  Continuing to attend Yelp events as an Elite. Preparing for changes in the disability sector.


  • Health: Thankfully I have found a good GP locally.
  • Jobs provision: Thankfully I don’t have to worry about it any longer.
  • Anxiety: May have a lot to do with communication and my persona as a ‘know-it-all.’  Still a work in progress.  Maybe writing it out would help – as I tend to create a lot of scenarios.


  • Friends and family:  Oh, how I miss my US friends and family.  I’m frustrated I’m not going to witness Baby Z in Philly grow. I have to take it on the chin and accept it is reality of being an expat.  Thankfully there is amazing technology available.  I am a fan of Glide video messaging.  I like seeing snapshots on Instagram.  It isn’t the same, but it’ll do.  I have slowly expanded a social circle here in OZ, it’s awesome.


  • Us time: It is good to just mellow out and do nothing, we did a lot of that on our Fiji holiday over last Christmas.
  • Books: 2014 I surpassed my goal to read 54 books, and am glad I can share reading time with L.  He is now on his 5th book for this year, a huge achievement.

Stick with it.

I broke my own deal.

I did not stick with blogging.  I let a whole year pass by.

To my loyal subscribers – family and friends: I am sorry.

I cannot make promises, but I will attempt to at least write something.  Wordpress has writing prompts which I may use as a guide — for those moments where I am unsure where to start.   This blog might become random, but it all comes from me.


Happy New Year *2014*

I know, I’m late in passing the greetings to the year.  It is mid-January… better late than never?

So we were able to check off an item from my bucket list:  Celebrate New Year Eve in Sydney.

Now, it was a rather quiet experience, as husband and I opted to have a ‘desk picnic’ in our hotel room – picked up some nibbles and gluten free cupcakes from David Jones’ Food Hall (reminded me a bit of London’s food halls — just a little bit), requested plates and silverware from the hotel, popped some bubbles (no glass, mirror, or window have been damaged).  NYE Sydney Harbour has two ‘major’ firework shows.  The first one was at 9PM, geared towards children and people who likes to be in bed before midnight (I’m one of those).  Our hotel is located just a couple blocks away from the Harbour, so we simply walked a block and half and found a spot that provided us a partial view of the Bridge.   It wasn’t crowded at this time, and after about 12 minutes passed with fireworks going off here and there, it was over.  I had a look of satisfaction and said “That was great, I’m ready to go to bed now.”   DH gave me a look and exclaimed “Don’t say that. You can’t be serious.”     What?  We will see 2014 in the morning – what’s the diff?

But no….. it is insisted to witness the final firework show of 2013 in Sydney.  So I take a nap. Yes.  I was grumpy. (Tardar Sauce is the perfect cat meme of me.)  We venture to the same spot.  Guess what, there’s MORE people.  And of the idiot, drunk, “ooo, look at that”-standing-in-middle-of-road-as-an-ambulance-blasts-its-sirens-trying-to-get-through moron kind.  Fireworks went off, and everyone oohed and aahed (including yours truly, all the while maintaining side-eye glares at some of the folks being *idiots*).  After the show, I happily speedwalked back to our hotel, where we collapsed on our feather-soft king-sized bed and happily said to each other “That was awesome and worth it.”

(We were provided with options to celebrate at the Opera House ($$$$) or book reservations at DJ’ed parties along the Harbour ($$$), or manage the crowds with bookings at a German restaurant in the Rocks area ($$$ + LOTS of Idiots)

We enjoyed a further fantastic few days in Sydney afterwards, even taking in Day 1 of the final Test Match of the 2013-2014 Ashes Series between Australia v England.  Many of DH’s family (and even myself) were doubtful that I’d enjoy the match – so I brought along my Kindle.  Well, I opened it for only a second, read one or two words — the entire day.  Yes, I ended up enjoying the day.  I’m glad we went the first day, because we got to see both teams bat and bowl (Australia bowled the last several minutes).  I understood the rules better now, and now I can say I can hoot and holler with the best of the fanatics as I catch a few minutes on t.v.  (My attention span is too short to watch the entire thing on t.v.)

I’ll be having a cocktail at the beach if we go to the West Indies matches in the future.

Papers and crafts, oh my!


Initially Drafted October 2013:  In the last couple months, I was beginning to get antsy and needed something to do with my time that doesn’t involve cooking (especially since days are becoming warmer these days – a hot kitchen just doesn’t do).  I had noticed a few people posting pictures of snail mail received on Instagram, and wondered how new penpals are found in this digital age.  So I googled for sources to find out how, many searches came up with convicted inmates or school kids.  I am definitely not interested in those.

Fortunately there are a couple worthwhile sites, such as Postcrossing for mostly anonymous postcard exchanges, and Postal Society.  My favorite by far is — it looks like a very basic beta site, but it is all password protected.  I loved the concept of sending some happiness in the mail.  So I signed up and began my mail posting journey!


Updated:  I have gained a couple great pen pals.  One is Aussie (near Melbourne) and another in the States (East Coast).   Love writing to them and receiving their letters.   We do a lot of goodie swaps which basically means whatever sticker, scrap paper, stationery good we include.   It kind of inspired me to maybe do something with stationery goods as it is really LACKING here in Australia.    I don’t know what it is but the writing pads they have in a lot of the shops are really ugly and boring (and uninspiring).   When there are good quality and good looking paper, I swear they are upmarketed to like 500% of ‘normal/acceptable’ pricing.   Well that’s Australia.   Maybe I’d do something to make sales via   We’ll see.

The holidays are coming around and my pen pal writing has slowed down.  Which is fine because we all need the break, I think.   I have been looking at sites and continued to be inspired by Instagram postings, some Pinterest pins too.

Oh, here’s the link to reach my boards:  KJoy’s Pinterest  (I do have a lot of wedding themed boards, which are outdated for me, but I have kept them for now…)

What is this glistening in the eyes?

Over the past couple years, the surge of reality talent shows, namely American Idol, America/Australia Got Talent, The X Factor, attracted an uncommon viewer – ME.

It took me awhile to get into it, but I think it had a lot to do with the odd-ball contenders, the format of the show, and the interesting judges.  I did not, and still not, really get into the American Idol (there’s an Australian Idol, too).

When I was TV-less for a few years (well I did have a TV, I just didn’t hook it up), I used and discovered America Got Talent.  This was when Howard Stern judged and I instantly liked him because he wasn’t as crass as he was infamous for (or maybe I didn’t notice it – after all, I do like Gordon Ramsey for no-bull held back).  And I liked they show various talents.

When it comes to singers and music groups, an unusual phenomenon occur: I get a bit teary eyed and feel a surge of emotion rising through my entire being.

Why is it unusual, you’d ask? I am a gal who happens to be Deaf.  Not tone deaf, but fully, completely and profoundly deaf.  Granted I do put on the cochlear implant device for this type of show, it still does not give the full hearing range.

Why does this occur?  A few scenarios I have come up with:

  • As a world famous singer in a previous life, I felt robbed of my hearing in this life.
  • I merely am admiring the contestants’ inspirations to make it big into the music world, so I feel  joy.
  • My emotions are melodramatic and cursing the fact I still have not become a Rock Star!

It’s interesting, when I do “hear” – what may sound terrible sounds good to me (my singing).  What may sound sweet to others annoys me (birds singing/tweeting).

Should I give Australia Got Talent a shot?

“What do you do for fun?”

small mud run shoes

When I meet new people, the most common question asked of me (other than “how much can you hear?”) is “what do you do for fun?”  I know this is just a curiosity to see if one has anything in common for future ‘getting to know you’ activities.  I don’t know about you, but it does put me on the spot and I’m often left stuttering “oh.. yeah… I like to… uh…” before I think of things that makes my life sounds more interesting than it actually is.

I say stuff like:

  • Beer tasting
  • Mud runs
  • Get together with friends
  • Drive to placessmall mud run shoessmall_2804210607

While these things were, the key word here were, true – they are not something I do often and as of late (since nearly a year ago).

The truth, now, I:

  • Cook
  • Play “Candy Crush” on the iPhone
  • Read books from the library or on the Kindle
  • Go to Yelp Elite events (which are a God-sent since my move to Brisbane)
  • Stalk Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest (and get really ticked off when the internet goes out)

I’m naturally a homebody.  The days of staying up late and dancing the night away has long passed, and now I much rather go bra-less and be in comfy clothing lounging on the couch.  Sometimes I do improvise some dancing and random, unintelligible song, just to amuse myself and my poor husband.  Do I do this with others, no, you’ve got to get to know me more first.  So no I won’t say “Oh for fun, I dance and sing gibberish, and read my Kindle in the dark.”

So what do YOU do for fun?

dancing (3520) Animated Gif on Giphy

Welcome to September, the beginning of Spring.

No. I’m not confused. Although it still a mind-boggling concept: we are entering Spring season Down Under in the month of September.  Just finished winter through the months of May to August.

Festivals and events are popping up in the coming months.  In fact I am a volunteer at this year’s Brisbane Festival which

is a world class arts festival that explodes onto the scene every September with an exciting program of music, theatre, dance, comedy, opera, circus and much more.

So far I have assisted in painting pink fences for the Spiegeltent, postered the exterior walls (legally), and ushered a small performance at QUT Theatre Republic (and got to enjoy the show – an interesting one, sadly I missed out on the dialogue, which seemed to be enjoyed by the audience).  I am expected to do two additional shifts plus be “on call” in case a substitute is needed.  I think it’s great and I get to interact with other people who aren’t Yelp members or relatives of my husband.

I look forward to getting to enjoy “spring” and “summer” festives which I hope includes swimming, ‘getting some color’ – yes, I use sunscreen, mom – and other activities to get me out of the winter slump I have been experiencing.